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The flavour of a millenary tradition

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Haveli is a real Indian restaurant in Florence, with traditional menu. We have a deep knowledge of the recipes of Punjab, the region we come from, and of all traditional Indian dishes. At Haveli, you’ll discover the recipes of the millenary culinary tradition of our country, cooked with the most modern techniques.

We will accompany you through flavours, aromas and spices typical of Indian food. You can enjoy the traditional dishes of our cuisine such as chicken curry or tandoori. Our country's cuisine, inspired by ayurveda, is largely based on the harmonious use of vegetables.

That's why Haveli is the perfect choice not only for those who are curious to discover an ethnic restaurant, but also for those looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Florence.

We use only the highest quality ingredients and pay much attention in the dosages and combinations. We are ready to recommend the best traditional Indian dishes according to your tastes and preferences. We look forward to revealing the secrets of our best recipes.


The wines

The wine at Haveli has a place of honor. Chef Jyoti is a famous sommelier and takes care of the restaurant's cellar with an attentive and expert eye. In our menu you will find a wide variety of carefully selected wine labels.

Of course, there are also some excellent Indian wines for those who want to explore our culinary culture at 360 degrees. Among our wine labels we have many Italian and Tuscan wines of high quality, for those who want to create a symbiosis of pleasure between two great culinary and wine traditions.

We are attentive to innovation and new oenological trends: for this reason in our cellar we provide organic and biodynamic wines, selected among the best wineries in Tuscany.

Don't you know which wine labels match best with the traditional Indian dishes? Don't worry! Ask our staff: we will guide you to the best choice!


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