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Typical Indian dishes:
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Indian cuisine is rich of history and tradition. The dishes you can find on our Indian menu in Florence have an ancient origin, they are made of very particular customs, aromas and flavors. We bring you to know a small selection that you can usually find in our Indian restaurant and for Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers.


Saffron and its aphrodisiac power

Indian cuisine is characterized by the rather abundant use of spices, widely used especially in the southern regions, where they are mainly used to accompany and flavor vegetarian dishes. In India, some spices are considered aphrodisiac (from Aphrodite, Greek goddess protector of love), because according to Ayurvedic medicine they improve circulation, stimulate hormonal systems and are rich in vitamins. According to ancient culture, there was a connection between table and bed and many people resorted to more or less effective substances or foods to stimulate sexuality, excitement and fertility.

Saffron, for example, causes an increase in the sensitivity of the mucous membranes and also promotes the release of endorphins, which give a feeling of well-being. According to an ancient Greek legend, Zeus lay with his women on a bed of saffron and Cleopatra used it as a perfume to prepare for love encounters.

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The kesar pulao, a typical Indian dish with saffron

The aroma, that slightly elongated shape, the ability to never overcook... These are the reasons why we love basmati rice so much. The name derives from the Sanskrit Vasaymayup (vasay = aroma, mayup = drenched), which in Hindi has become basmati. It is rich in properties, easy to digest and nourishing for the body's tissues. In Indian recipes we find it in various variations. At our restaurant, where you can also find vegetarian dishes, we offer kesar pulao with saffron.

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The gajar ka halwa, a surprise for Valentine's Day

February 14th is coming and we want to delight our guests with a surprise, a sweet and special off-menu: the gajar ka halwa. This dessert, which will be prepared only for the day of lovers, was introduced during the Mughal reign. It takes its name from the Arabic word "halwa" which means "sweet" and is made with carrots (in Hindi, gajar). The original recipe, strongly associated with Punjab, involves the use of chopped carrots, milk and ghee, but there are many other variations. Jyoti and Rubel offer it for the Indian menu in Florence combined with fresh vanilla ice cream, in order to create a perfect combination of hot and cold. The dish is not normally found à la carte, but will be made specifically for Valentine's evening. An explosion of taste and senses for a special dinner.

For this special dessert Jyoti, expert sommelier, offers a passito wine among the many labels that make up the cellar, biodynamic and organic wines, Tuscan and not, selected with care and passion.

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